Live: Organic Food Bar

So sorry about the delay, but here is the Part 2 of my day last weekend.
My mom and I were going to visit Spadina Museum, and so before hand we looked up what restaurants were close by for us to have lunch.

I found this little restaurant called Live Organic Food Bar.  It’s on Dupont Street right across the road from the Subway station. Their menu consists only of organic foods that are gluten and sugar free.  Neither my mom nor I are vegans, or even vegetarians, but it is always great trying new things and eating healthy so we gave it a go. Continue reading


Dineen Coffee Co.

On Saturday my Mom and I did a little downtown exploring. Getting up bright and early we headed out into the cold wintery morning, and first thing we did was go straight to Dineen Coffee on the corner of Yonge and Temperance.

IMG_1621edit Continue reading