Hello New York!

One of my best friends lives thousands of miles away in Brazil.
The first time we met was when I was in grade ten, but we had been pen pals for a few years prior to that.

Since then, we haven’t managed to meet up again, until now. In New York! Continue reading


Live: Organic Food Bar

So sorry about the delay, but here is the Part 2 of my day last weekend.
My mom and I were going to visit Spadina Museum, and so before hand we looked up what restaurants were close by for us to have lunch.

I found this little restaurant called Live Organic Food Bar.  It’s on Dupont Street right across the road from the Subway station. Their menu consists only of organic foods that are gluten and sugar free.  Neither my mom nor I are vegans, or even vegetarians, but it is always great trying new things and eating healthy so we gave it a go. Continue reading

How to De-Stress

If you follow my blog daily, you’ll notice that this past week I haven’t posted any actual posts!  I’ve been relying on Awards to keep it running.  The reason for this is because I have been extremely busy with school these past couple of weeks.  When you are in an art program such as theatre, it becomes your entire life.  You live and breath it, and that’s just the way it is. You really do have to love your work in order to stay sane.  However, you aren’t always going to love what you are doing, and times will get difficult.  So what I’m sharing with you today is how I deal with stress and anxiety. First of all, I have really bad anxiety.
There are many times when I get so overwhelmed that I feel like I can’t cope, but I’ve noticed that certain things really can help.
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Liebster Award


Last week was super busy with school that I didn’t end up posting very much.  But strangely enough I was nominated for three awards plus a Fun Facts Tag.  Thank you to everyone!  I’m so grateful for the nominations.  Lets start with the lovely sisters at Faraday’s Candle who nominated me today for the Liebster Award.  These girls run a science blog with all sorts of interesting information.  Check it out!  I was also nominated for this award by The Healthy Secret Identity.  Her blog is about her daily health journey including healthy meals and yoga.  It’s a great blog for when you need some inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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