Back to School! Four items to bring to Residence.

Moving to college can be a bittersweet thing.  For students going into their first year it’s exciting and scary, and it’s usually the first time they’re moving away from home.  On-campus residence is a great way to make the leap because everyone is in the same situation.  We’re excited for this new chapter in our lives, but inside we are on the verge of tears (or if you’re like me, you’re sitting on the front step literally crying like a baby). Continue reading


Chapters Bookstore

Receiving gift cards to my favourite stores is always a bonus at Christmas.  Then you can pick out exactly what you want! Over the weekend me and my newly obtained Chapters card went to the mall.  It was my full intention to buy a new novel to read over the holidays, but  the minute I walked in I was drawn to the home decor section.
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