Until Next Time, New York

I seem to have been putting off writing this last post about New York.  Every time I start a new post, I get to relive the trip.

On our last day before going our separate ways, we went to the Met. It’s somewhere I’ve never been, and somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.



I do love my share of Gossip Girl, so I couldn’t help but get my Waldorf on. Although I know B wouldn’t approve of my leggings.


We only had about an hour at the museum unfortunately, so I quickly went through the sections I wanted to see.

European Paintings – 19th and Early 20th Century:

IMG_3993 IMG_3995

The Sargent Exhibit:



And on my way out I got a bit lost, but ended up in this beautiful area.


Visiting the Met again is definitely on my to do list for my next trip to NYC.  It’s a building that requires an entire day to go through.  There is also the Neue Galarie across the road that I would love to see. It’s a gallery filled with artwork by Austrian and German artists. It is also the home of Klimt’s 1907 Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer (also known as The Woman in Gold).

So that about wraps up my 2015 trip to New York! There is still so much more to see in the city, so I know I will be back!


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