On Location at Columbia

I’ve always wanted to visit Columbia University.

It’s featured in many films, and is home to Havemeyer Hall, the most filmed college classroom ever. It’s seen in the Spider-man films, Kinsey, Malcom X, Ghostbusters, and a few of my faves: Mona Lisa Smile and The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Not to mention the fact that the campus is gorgeous!


Here are some photos of us completely blending in and not looking like tourists at all.

2015-08-25 10.31.57edit

2015-08-25 10.36.57

2015-08-25 10.43.06

2015-08-25 11.01.17

I love all things Barbra Streisand, so I was quite excited to see locations from her film The Mirror Has Two Faces.


Alma Mater – Statue of the Goddess Athena


St. Paul’s Chapel


Julia found some flowers she quite liked.

2015-08-25 11.04.24 HDR

The entire campus is so beautiful. We never wanted to leave!

2015-08-25 11.37.45 HDRedit

2015-08-25 11.38.10edit

So until the next time, Columbia!

2015-08-25 11.36.38


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