Dineen Coffee Co.

On Saturday my Mom and I did a little downtown exploring. Getting up bright and early we headed out into the cold wintery morning, and first thing we did was go straight to Dineen Coffee on the corner of Yonge and Temperance.


In the summer, the front patio is filled with customers enjoying their coffees, but at this time of year everyone is rightfully inside.


Dineen is a coffee shop in one of Toronto’s registered heritage properties. It was built in 1897 and was originally used as the workshop and showroom for W. and F. Dineen Company, a major hat and fur manufacturer in Toronto at the time. Β It was extensively renovated inΒ 2012 before Dineen Coffee’s grand opening in 2013.



Mom and I had planned to go elsewhere for lunch, so we shared a blueberry scone (which was delicious) and each got a drink. IMG_2203

I had a Cortado and my mom had a Vanilla Bean Latte. I tried a sip of hers, and I loved it! I don’t normally like vanilla lattes, but I would definitely recommend this one. Β It was very sweet, perfect for the winter!

IMG_1609 IMG_1612edit


Not a bad start to our day if you ask me! Stay tuned for the next post which will be the Part 2 to our day!

Take care!


7 thoughts on “Dineen Coffee Co.

  1. Kelly;
    Many a times through your post; I feel that; I was enjoying each and every moment with you; the coffee, the beautiful heritage scenery and oh how can I forget the wonderful expression you had when you sip the cup of coffee.
    Wishing you all the best.


    • Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by! And I love a good fancy coffee πŸ™‚ I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!
      I’d love to be a part of your Tuesday link party! Sounds like a great idea.


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