Chapters Bookstore

Receiving gift cards to my favourite stores is always a bonus at Christmas.  Then you can pick out exactly what you want! Over the weekend me and my newly obtained Chapters card went to the mall.  It was my full intention to buy a new novel to read over the holidays, but  the minute I walked in I was drawn to the home decor section.

These are the items I picked out:

Currently I’m obsessed with all things cable-knit, and this pillow is no exception. Better yet, it is currently 50% off!

These magnets are just so adorable, and I love the colour scheme!

Lastly I found this beautiful oversized floral teacup.  Great for this cold weather!

…Maybe next time I’ll actually buy a book from the bookstore!


13 thoughts on “Chapters Bookstore

  1. I want to love gift cards and I sort of do. Unfortunately, I have the horrible habit of collecting them and “saving” them for some special occasion; so I never use them…
    I do like everything non-book at Chapters though!


    • Hi Mare,
      Thanks for commenting! I totally know what you mean about saving up gift cards. I’m terrible for it as well! I usually use them up around the one year mark if I don’t use them straight away. Depending on the store, they are great to have on hand if you need a last minute present. I’m not saying re-gift them! But they come in handy for when I need the extra cash for buying gifts. Chapters is a lifesaver with that, since they have so many gift type items in their stores.


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